Friday, March 13, 2009

Peach State Credit Solutions Announces “Fresh Start” Program

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Peach State Credit Solutions is pleased to announce the “Fresh Start” program designed to award free credit repair to one individual per month.

It is no secret that some have become over-extended while others are still paying for credit mistakes made long ago. These factors, as well as others, lead to a lower credit score. Often times an individual’s credit score is not an accurate picture of their current situation. The simple service that Peach State Credit provides can give most people with bad credit a second chance.

All Peach State Credit Solutions customers will be automatically considered to win. The winning candidate will receive a full refund on the credit restoration service, a value of $695.00. Winners will be chosen on the last Friday of every month starting March 27, 2009.

“It is our ethical responsibility to do what we can do have a positive impact on the community. By helping to restore the credit rating of one individual per month for free, we can be part of the solution. Fresh Start can improve the standard of living for a very deserving individual,” says William Mikula, Manager of Peach State.

“Many can see the huge impact credit has on their daily lives to purchase a car or home, when applying for employment, or even in trying to obtain utility services. Our goal is to raise a general awareness of the individual credit score and the importance of resolving any outstanding issues,” explains Robert Groover, CEO of Peach State.

To apply, fill out the contact page at or please email your name, contact phone number, and email address to You can also apply by mail or in person at:

Peach State Credit Solutions, Inc.
5345 Bells Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30102

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