Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LocalPrice Introduces the First Website to Compare Prices of Local Services

(BUSINESS WIRE)--LocalPrice, the only website to allow users to compare prices for everyday services, announces coverage of more than 20 categories of Atlanta area service providers.


Shopping online has become second nature to many consumers. The online shopping experience is enhanced by the wealth of pricing and product information available through Internet retailers and shopping comparison sites. But this experience is largely limited to shopping for products.

Online shoppers searching for services like movers, locksmiths, and dentists face more difficulty getting quotes and comparing providers. Such services are usually provided by smaller, local businesses that generally don’t publish their prices. Gathering a few quotes often requires substantial time on the phone or meeting with providers.

LocalPrice is the first company to apply online comparison shopping to local services. Though they account for more than $1 trillion of US consumer spending, no other site offers price comparisons for the services LocalPrice covers.

LocalPrice's founder, Rob Shields, created the company after realizing how little pricing information was available online. "If you want to find the best price for a product online, it's only a few clicks away. Our goal is to bring that same level of convenience to shoppers searching for services in their area."

“This is an interesting approach – one that we frankly haven’t seen before,” said Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, a research firm that studies local advertising. “Service-oriented businesses are looking to advertise on sites that aggregate potential customers. Any site that can corral wallet-ready consumers is going to find itself in a very good position.”


Many sites allow users to compare service providers based on consumer reviews. But unlike Yelp,, and other sites offering subjective comparisons, LocalPrice compares providers based on a wide range of objective criteria tailored to each service category.

“Someone considering LASIK surgery can easily find online reviews,” said Shields. “But only LocalPrice provides comparisons of surgeons based on price, number of procedures performed, method used and the details of the warranty. This is important stuff to know before you pay a surgeon $4,000 to shoot a laser into your eyes.”

LocalPrice compares: movers, locksmiths, dentists, LASIK surgeons, limo companies, pet sitters, hardwood flooring installers, granite countertop installers, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, home security, pest/termite control and junk removal.


LocalPrice offers businesses free listings to ensure that consumers receive the most comprehensive comparisons. Soft launched in 2008, LocalPrice has tested business response to its site. This has been largely positive. In fact, many businesses decide to list their rates on LocalPrice, even though they don’t list them on their website.

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