Saturday, October 25, 2008

Regions Selected to Participate in U.S. Treasury Capital Purchase Program

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regions Financial Corporation (NYSE:RF) announced today that it has received preliminary approval from the U.S. Treasury Department, subject to standard closing conditions, for the investment of $3.5 billion in the company as part of the government’s effort to restore confidence in our nation’s financial system, increase the flow of credit to consumers and businesses, and to provide additional assistance to distressed homeowners facing foreclosure. This will increase Regions’ Tier 1 capital to approximately 10.5 percent.

The Treasury’s plan to invest $3.5 billion in preferred stock and warrants in Regions is part of its program to provide capital to the healthy financial institutions that are the core of the nation’s economy. Treasury originally announced the infusion of $125 billion into nine large banks, and encouraged other strong financial institutions to also participate.

“Regions believes this government program is important to restoring the flow of funds to consumers and businesses, both large and small, who are at the core of our economy,” said Dowd Ritter, Regions’ chairman, president and chief executive officer. “These funds, while still strengthening our capital base, will enable us to expand lending and step up acquisitions.”

Regions will pay the government a 5 percent dividend, or $175 million annually, for each of the first five years of the investment, and 9 percent thereafter unless Regions redeems the shares. The government will also receive 10-year warrants for common stock, which will give the Treasury the opportunity to benefit from an increase in the common stock price of the company.

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