Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia-Pacific to Distribute Second Quarter 2008 Financial Information on Aug. 14

PRNewswire/ -- Georgia-Pacific LLC will make available to current or potential investors in its corporate notes or debentures selected second quarter 2008 financial information on Aug. 14, with a supplemental presentation to follow.

Qualifying individuals who have not previously done so must request this financial information by providing their contact information (including e-mail address, telephone number, institution or company name, and bonds held) to

Distribution of the financial information and supplemental presentation will be limited. Recipients may use the information only as set forth in the accompanying private email and may not provide a copy of or disclose to any other person the information contained in the financial statements or supplemental presentation.

Additional questions regarding the distribution of financial information may be directed to Georgia-Pacific at (404) 652-6188.

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